My First Pork Shoulder Smoke

Aug 24, 2012

This was was my first attempt at pulled pork.  I am working on this from memory as it is a fond memory of an event 2 months ago.

I bought a pork shoulder from K&K on White Ave for this project.

I used Jeff’s Rub which I have been using for almost 3 years; it is FABULOUS! For example, I took some left over smoked ribs (coated in Jeff’s Rub) to work for lunch one time, the amazing smell drew people from across the floor to the lunch room. A female co-worker who is usually fairly mild mannered was drawn to the lunch room by the aroma and asked to try one; one bite and she let loose with a torrent of expletives about how great they were and that she had had ribs from a lot of places but none were as good as these and would I go to the BBQ store with her to pick out a smoker for her husband. I think some of the older guys in the lunchroom have permanently raised eyebrows after her first comments!

But hey nothing like positive affirmation!

Here is the little beauty waiting for the smoker.  It has been coated in yellow mustard which acts as a wetting agent to hold on the rub.  Amazingly you cannot taste the mustard on the completed product.  One of my kids that absolutely hates mustard has never noticed it on the many ribs I have cooked before.

After smoking with hickory for approximately 10 hours of slow cooking and when the internal temperature reached 200 deg F I wrapped it in towels and placed it in a cooler to rest for a couple hours.  Here I am taking it out of the cooler.

Waiting to be pulled.













The final product with a liberal dose of Carolina Vinegar Sauce.  This vinegar sauce is a must.  It cuts the greasiness of the pork and adds another layer to the amazing flavours.





Unfortunately it appears we were too busy eating to take some more pictures.

Serve on your choice of buns with coleslaw of your choice and some more of the vinegar sauce.


I can post the exact recipe if anyone is interested.

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