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Sailor Rick Does the Cheesepalooza with Petite Ungulates – AKA Sailor Rick Makes Feta.

Well it is time for me to finish my write-up of Cheesepalooza Challenge #3 Feta. I’ve eaten a fair amount of feta over the years; Greek, Bulgarian, Canadian and American, even feta smuggled into the country in the suitcase of a Greek friend, but I don’t remember eating feta made with goat’s milk very often.  Up …

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My First Pork Shoulder Smoke

Aug 24, 2012 This was was my first attempt at pulled pork.  I am working on this from memory as it is a fond memory of an event 2 months ago. I bought a pork shoulder from K&K on White Ave for this project. I used Jeff’s Rub which I have been using for almost …

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Sailor Rick Rolls & Smokes a Fatty

Now before we get started; some of you may have memories of your ol’ Uncle Eddie the draft dodger sitting on the back porch with a cloud of herbal essence wafting around his pony tailed head or of a recent trip to British Columbia.  But this ain’t that kind of story, so take this as a …

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