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The Sailor Smokes A Salmon*

*or at least part of a salmon What!! You say.  The Sailor isn’t writing about cheese?!?!? With the return of the cool weather (lows of -17 degC) I thought it was time to get my smoker smoking.  I’ve owned my present smoker for about 2 1/2 years but have never smoked fish so here goes. …

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Montreal Smoked Meat – Sailor Rick Style

Cured Beef Brisket Primer Pastrami, Corned Beef, Montreal Smoked Meat or whatever name you are familiar with are all made from the same beast (beef) but they are hardly the same beast. Michael Ruhlman & Brian Polcyn in Charcuterie describe Pastrami as “differs from corned beef in two ways: it’s smoked and it’s coated with …

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My First Pork Shoulder Smoke

Aug 24, 2012 This was was my first attempt at pulled pork.  I am working on this from memory as it is a fond memory of an event 2 months ago. I bought a pork shoulder from K&K on White Ave for this project. I used Jeff’s Rub which I have been using for almost …

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Sailor Rick Rolls & Smokes a Fatty

Now before we get started; some of you may have memories of your ol’ Uncle Eddie the draft dodger sitting on the back porch with a cloud of herbal essence wafting around his pony tailed head or of a recent trip to British Columbia.  But this ain’t that kind of story, so take this as a …

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