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The League of YEG Home Cheese Makers Meeting January 31, 2015

Well today was the first meeting of the year for the League of YEG Home Cheese Makers.  It has been quite awhile since we had met and we hoped some new members would attend.  It was nice to see everyone and try their cheeses.  For this meeting we decided to make fresh cheeses and of course …

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Stilton Update #1

Well it has been 10 days since the Stilton make and this update covers the first 8 days after the make. I just haven’t had time to compile my thoughts and photos into a post. After the make and moulding of the cheese I left the cheese at room temperature in a container that was …

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March Cheesepalooza Challenge

Since joining the Cheesepalooza Challenge in September I have managed to create at least one of the cheeses each month except for February where I missed the gouda challenge.  I have also created a number of extra cheese or cultured dairy products as well.  I have managed to write about most of them but have …

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 It seems of late whenever I make cheese I do it in a flurry of activity, which results in me making a number of cheeses or other cultured products over the course of a weekend.  The downside to this is when I write about my experience with this blog, the posts tend to get big, …

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January Cheesepalooza Challenge

  Surprise!!!  I think this is my quickest Cheesepalooza Challenge post I have done by far.  Maybe I should have made my posting speed a New Year’s Resolution.  It was pretty much a no brainer that I would make Asiago for the challenge, as this cheese is a favourite of both my wife Lorrie and …

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December Cheesepalooza Post

Once again I am behind the 8 Ball (Val!) and find myself a few weeks behind on my Cheesepalooza post for December; so while I wait for my January Cheesepalooza make to ripen, I thought I would get a start on this. The December Cheesepalooza Challenge was Farmhouse Cheddar or Caerphilly and Irish Cheddar among …

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The Highly Cultured Weekend AKA Deranged Squirrel Weekend

Another apology as this post was also written on November 23 and was delayed till now for publishing. It had been about 9 days since I had last made cheese and I was feeling the pressure to get my cheese on in time for Cheesepalooza Tasting #3 so under the influence of Ian’s posts over …

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Mozzarella – November Cheesepalooza Challenge

First off let me apologize for being so late with this post.  The verbiage was completed on November 23 but I/we were very busy and I needed time to upload the photos.  The Mozzarella Cheesepalooza Blog winners were announced and the Christmas season arrived….next thing you know it is now New Years Eve and I …

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What To Do On A Snowy Afternoon?

Make Squeaker Cheese Curds of Course! Following in what has turned out to be my Quebec based theme this week I have decided to make a batch of cheese curds. Primer Having been born and raised in Alberta I had never really been exposed to the cheese curd phenomena.  Generally speaking up to the very …

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Sailor Rick Does the Cheesepalooza with Petite Ungulates – AKA Sailor Rick Makes Feta.

Well it is time for me to finish my write-up of Cheesepalooza Challenge #3 Feta. I’ve eaten a fair amount of feta over the years; Greek, Bulgarian, Canadian and American, even feta smuggled into the country in the suitcase of a Greek friend, but I don’t remember eating feta made with goat’s milk very often.  Up …

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