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Stilmonton Update #2

Well the Stilmonton has been aging at 12 degC for 21 days. As a reminder, the cheese was placed on a damp cedar plank, placed in an aging box and covered with damp cheese cloth.  Cheese Flashback (21 days ago) and now today Getting some nice bluing in the crevices along the sides. Getting a …

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A Special Request!

I had a special request for homemade cheese this past week! If I have this blogging thing sorted out this post will magically appear while Sailor girl and I are at dinner party with our wine tasting friends.  This is a noteworthy event because our single friend Hari who lives in a condo on his …

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It’s Niddy Noddy Time!!!

So this is a change of pace for me, a post that is not about something edible. Well it’s time to make a Niddy Noddy today!! A wha?? Yep you read it right the first time. I’m making a Niddy Noddy (my apologies to those of you that are already in the know). After visiting …

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Stilton Update #1

Well it has been 10 days since the Stilton make and this update covers the first 8 days after the make. I just haven’t had time to compile my thoughts and photos into a post. After the make and moulding of the cheese I left the cheese at room temperature in a container that was …

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First Meeting of League of YEG(Edmonton) Home Cheese Makers for 2015

Originally posted on Much To Do About Cheese:
A new year is upon us and it is time to reconnect and reboot the League of YEG Home Cheese Makers. What is the League you ask? It is a group of Home Cheese Makers from the Greater Edmonton Area who want to get together and talk…

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Cheese Making Once Again!

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been away from cheese making for a considerable length of time; about 10 months. In what is beginning to become an annual tradition (does 2 times make a tradition?) my friend Ian over at Much To Do About Cheese asked if I wanted to get together …

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I’m Back!!

After a very long hiatus from writing about my adventures on Explorations with Sailor Rick I am turning over a bunch of new leaves this year; in fact there is probably an entire tree of new leaves but the ones you are most likely interested in are: Writing regularly on this blog. Making cheese on …

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